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This is a real time audio-visual demonstration first shown and released at Demobit party.
Links: screenshots, details, more

Demo sources on 3D modelling & rendering for advanced coders written in asm & C++ (32-bit protected mode).
Links: screenshots, details, more
A universal (semi-heuristic) memory scanner. Detects known and even unknown viruses. Tiny and fast. Link: details

Demo source codes for beginners dealing with basics of 3D rendering. Written in 386 real mode assembler.
Links: screenshots, details, more
Programmer's Guide is an Intel 8086-80486 processors instruction set hypertext database (Norton Guides format). Link: details

Collection of demo sources of old and simple effects for beginners written in pascal and inline assembler.
Links: screenshots, details, more

The Pexeso game (also known as Memory Blocks) for 1-4 players (people or computer with adjustable AI) with 18 playing cards (models' photos). Link: details
This is one of the first programs I wrote on PC and it is my 1st program written in pascal. It is a logical game based on one seen on TV.

This is only small selection of programs and utilities I have written in my spare time during last years. Hope you enjoy them.